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    Planning the Perfect Engagement

    You've finally met the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re looking for a romantic proposal that’s true to you as partners. Whether you're looking for proposal ideas, tips for popping the question in front of friends and family, or creative over-the-top proposal ideas, we have the right steps to help you propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

    Step one: Pick the ring

    You can do this by yourself or with your partner. To help, read All About Diamonds or how to choose an engagement ring.

    Step two: Ask for parents or friends blessing

    Asking for permission is a thing of the past, but many people find that discussing your relationship with parents or friends and getting their blessing or encouragement is still a nice way to go. Is this something that would be important to her and their family or friends? If so, consider making time for this tradition.

    Step three: Pick a date

    Do you have a trip coming up or a specific date in mind? Work backwards from there to make sure you order your ring in time.

    Step four: Order the engagement ring

    We recommend placing an order for the ring about six weeks before you plan to propose, just to be safe.

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    Step five: Plan your proposal

    Your proposal should be a reflection of who you are together. Think about what defines you as a couple and what kinds of activities you like to do together. For example, you may go for a high drama proposal in public or you might prefer a small, private moment.

    Step six: Plan your proposal speech

    Once you’ve decided where and when to propose, you should rehearse what you’re planning to say when you do pop the question!

    Step seven: Propose!

    You can do this! Speak from your heart and express exactly what she means to you. Remember that the most important thing is that your proposal comes from your heart.

    25 Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas

    The planned public proposal

    1. Propose at a famous location like Disneyland or Times Square
    2. Flash mob proposal
    3. Stage a scavenger hunt
    4. At a sports event of your favorite team on the big screen
    5. At a concert of your favorite band
    6. At a play on stage
    7. Hire a plane to do “skywriting,” where a plane draws “will you marry me?”
    8. Plan with their boss and show up to their meeting in the conference room

    The “in front of your family and friends” proposal

    1. Plan a surprise family get together
    2. Turn a family gathering into a proposal and an impromptu engagement party
    3. Secretly invite all your family and friends to your favorite place
    4. Tie the ring or a “Will you marry me?” sign around your puppy’s collar
    5. Give your family and friends t-shirts spelling out the question and set them up in your favorite place

    The quiet proposal; just the two of you

    1. Stroll down the beach at sunset
    2. Go on a walk at your favorite location
    3. Recreate your first date
    4. At the top of a hike 
    5. On a chairlift at your favorite ski resort
    6. On a hot air balloon and celebrate with a picnic at the bottom
    7. Write a love song and end with your proposal
    8. Create a nighttime fairytale set-up in your backyard
    9. During a romantic weekend getaway or vacation destination
    10. Propose during a private photo shoot and have it captured by a professional photographer
    11. Cook their favorite meal and propose at the end

    The spontaneous proposal

    1. If you’re a spur of the moment kind of person, simply carry the ring in your pocket until the moment feels right.