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    How to Choose the Jewelry You’ll Love

    Few things bring as much joy as receiving beautiful jewelry from a thoughtful loved one, but treating ourselves can be just as joyful. After all, who knows what you love more than you do? Here’s our guide on how to choose jewelry for yourself that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    Timeless jewelry pieces

    Elevating any look can be as simple as adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit. A diamond solitaire necklace or some diamond stud earrings are classic pieces that can elevate an everyday outfit, add elegance at work, but are beautiful enough for special occasions. Classic beauties like these never go out of style and offer versatility between day and night.

    Stunning statements

    If it’s time to turn heads and show off your unique style, go big, go bold and have a little fun with statement-piece jewelry. For statement pieces, consider larger stones or vibrant gemstone jewelry.

    Whether your dazzle comes from diamond-studded dangle earrings, or a gemstone pendant necklace in ruby or emerald, you’ll certainly spend the evening sparking great conversations and receiving compliments.

    Personalized keepsakes

    Sometimes the most meaningful jewelry tells a story. A gold monogrammed necklace with the initials of someone special, or an engraved locket holding a child’s photo inside may begin as a prized possession and become a family heirloom. Check out our collection of personalized jewelry to see all your options.

    Birthstone jewelry

    Every month is hosted by a special gem — sometimes two. A birthstone serves as wonderful inspiration for customizing a piece of jewelry that really feels like you. Like any gemstone, you can choose a creative setting and add other accent stones like diamonds or the birthstone of someone you love to make it the most personalized gift you can give yourself. Find your birthstone here to get inspired.