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    Choosing A Gift That Will Be Remembered

    Great things come in small packages, but what makes a truly great gift? The perfect gift shows you care and took the time to pick out something special with your loved one in mind.

    The perfect gift is also heartfelt and wearable. It will strike a balance between thoughtful, caring, and useful. The perfect gift makes them feel like you are with them even when you are not.

    Most importantly, the perfect gift will make them feel loved.

    How to choose a memorable gift

    Get personal

    Any great gift requires a lot of thought. Gifts symbolize your love and reinforce your connection with them. Use your knowledge about their personality to pick jewelry you think they would like.

    The right gift will make them think, “Why didn’t I have this before? This is something I would have picked out for myself.”

    What style jewelry do they wear now?

    This might be the most important tip when choosing a good gift: buy something they will actually wear. Do they wear rings on every finger? Do they wear one single pendant necklace or do they layer their necklaces? Do they have piercings in their ears?

    They might even be dropping subtle hints about what kind of jewelry they love. Make a mental note of your conversations. If they use Pinterest, they may have a board about Jewelry.

    While you’re shopping for jewelry, find a piece that appeals to you too—what catches your eye and reminds you of them? The jewelry should make you think, “yes, this looks like them.”

    For example, if your loved one wears minimal jewelry, go for a dainty diamond pendant or a simple diamond band. If they often wear bold statement jewelry, go for a gemstone cocktail ring.

    Gifting with love

    Choosing a suitable gift should be a heartfelt journey that brings you closer to your loved one and reinforce your connection with them. The experience of seeing your loved one unwrap a gift that you picked out just for them is incredible. With their eyes sparkling with delight, you know they will remember that gift forever.

    If you need any help picking out jewelry, our advisors at Helzberg are here to help you pick the perfect gift in our stores or using our live chat feature.